About Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club & Golf Course

About Us

In a picturesque rural setting only 40 minutes Sydney with all the facilities you could possibly want. A great place for a club or social group outing and perfect for family gathering where guests are travelling from north and south. We also cater for any style of function which can be held in the spacious Anzac Function Room or on our fully enclosed balcony.

The Club is situated in Hallards Road, Central Mangrove, in the hinterland of the Central Coast. It boasts some of the finest views looking out over the Golf Course and surrounding countryside and on a clear day the white caps on the ocean can be seen.


The Memorial Club has a solid community base, which has its origins some 90 years ago when the local Sub Branch of the RSL was formed.

The Club takes pride in its community spirit and continues to make resources available to the community. The Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club is proud to sponsor the Mountain District Soccer Club.

Mangrove Mountain RSL Sub-Branch

The Sub Branch dates back to 1919 when the Founding President was Sgt A W Burns who held Service No. 338. Three members of the founding committee had served overseas in the Boer War. They were S McKenzie, C Stubbs and J Wagner.

Around ANZAC Day 1919, returned personnel gathered for their first meeting on an old log near the present Mangrove Mountain Union Church site. This inaugural meeting led to a Charter being given in October 1919. Although there wasn’t any official building at the time, the group met at the house of Miss Hull until Kulnura Hall was built, making a central place for future meetings to be held.

Later on an  RSL Club house was built by volunteer community labour in Hallards Road on land donated by a Mr. Sharp of Peats Ridge. This was owned and operated by the sub-Branch and eventually a licence for the sale of alcohol was obtained. Later a golf course was established on land on the other side of Hallards Road and help was provided through the Regional Development (“RED”) Scheme that was available at the time.

When the time came that the premises required major refurbishment to comply with the licence conditions, it was decided that it would be almost as cheap to replace it with a new professionally-designed and professionaly-built club house at the golf course. This led to the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club Limited being established, this time with the sub-Branch as tenants in the building. The sub-Branch continued to own most of the land used by the golf course, under long term lease to the Memorial Club.

In October 2013, the State Councillors of the NSW Branch determined that the Executive Committee and Trustees of the sub-Branch be removed and an administrator be appointed due to breach of the sub-Branch Constitution. RSL Custodian Pty Ltd was appointed sole Trustee for all the property and assets of the sub-Branch. The land under long term lease to Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club was sold by NSW Branch to Mangrove Properties (NSW) Pty Ltd.

The sub-Branch charter was suspended in July 2014 and the State Council approved Mangrove Mountain becoming a Chapter of Gosford RSL sub-Branch in February 2016.

Memorial Club & Golf Course

The golf course opened in 1974. In the early days, the course was pretty rugged and according to rumour, if you lost your ball in the rough you lit a fire that cleared the rough area so you could find your ball the next week!

The membership was then 20 and has now grown to 500. We have a new Clubhouse on course with a great 10-hole golf course and a Pro Shop which caters for the pro-golfer or the beginner. The golf course is being extended to 18 holes.

Footgolf with Mangrove Country Club

We are the only FootGolf course on the Central Coast so come and give it a try. FootGolf is a combination of Football (Soccer) and Golf played on the Golf course using mainly Golfing rules. The concept is simple – kick a Football into specially designed holes in as few shots as possible. A game of FootGolf only takes approx. 45 minutes to play and is great for the whole family. Call our Pro Shop to book for kick-off time.