‘Top Gun’ Day

It’s a tradition unique to Mangrove Mountain and the annual Top Gun Shootout was again hotly contested on Sunday, November 25.
While a little disappointing to see only 13 of the 25 golfers who qualified during the year, those who made the effort to turn up had a great day.
All 13 took to the first tee following the club’s Annual General Meeting and, as is tradition, the field was slowly whittled down till only two remained.
In the end it was Dennis Allen and Maurice Morsanuto doing battle for the title on the ninth green, Dennis clinching it with a 5/2 to Maurice’s 5/1.
The victory capped off a successful year for Dennis and added to an impressive haul of trophies at the recent Presentation Day.

A big thanks to all who made the effort to come along for the day and a special thanks to Neil Hamilton for the video and photos in the slideshow below.